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Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley Touring Route follows the Tamar River from Launceston to Bass Strait, past wildlife sanctuaries and high-yielding vineyards, but it also takes in mining and maritime heritage in Beaconsfield and George Town.

The Tamar Valley has established an excellent reputation for its sparkling wines and pinots, so why not take a guided tour of a number of vineyards? Not only will you learn the techniques and conditions that have created these fine vintages – often from the growers and makers themselves – but because someone else is driving, you’ll be able to sample as many wines as you like, and still have a glass with lunch.


Located 7 minutes from Mount Pleasant Estate and close to the airport, the area surrounding Relbia is developing into one of Tasmania’s significant wine-producing regions. Both Tamar Ridge and Josef Chromy have made substantial investments in plantings in the Relbia area.

The Relbia region’s mild summers and long hours of autumn sunshine help sustain the slow ripening period needed to achieve optimum fruit maturity. The low annual rainfall helps in the natural regulation of vine growth.